The program of the festival


12: 00-19: 00 – ” Armenian Cognac Festival”

  • Throughout the whole area of the main square there are tents and pavilions, where the brands of Armenian cognac are represented. For connoisseurs and fans of cognac, the leading cognac producers will present their ordinary, vintage, and also collectible cognacs.
  • Tsakhkadzor is a popular place for both winter and summer holidays. The ecologically clean region is known for its enchanting nature, mountain air and picturesque landscape. The festival will provide you with an exclusive opportunity to discover the delights of Armenia in the fragrance of old cognac!
  • The festival town is divided into certain zones and is full of colours and surprises. On a separate platform of the town, more than 30 brands of Armenian cognac will place their pavilions. You will have a chance to taste exclusive cognacs of unique blend, and the Armenian chocolate and dried fruits will provide a worthy company to the noble drink.
  • Incredibly delicious Armenian chocolate, Armenian dried fruits and cigars. All these suit the culprit of the celebration: His Majesty Cognac.

– The pavilions with Armenian sweets: dried fruits from sunny and ripe flavours, ghata, baklava, variety of chocolate, jam, as well as coffee and tea from various medicinal herbs, etc .;

– National cuisine: tents and pavilions, where all the abundance of dishes of Armenian national cuisine is presented;

– Craft shops: where you can purchase the souvenirs and works of art of Armenian artists, craftsmen, jewellers, seamstresses and potters that you liked;

– A Photo session in national costumes (Taraz);

Festive concert:

On a special stage, the best music bands and artists will play and sing for you all day long. The masters’ shops will be open all day, where handmade souvenirs that store the warmth of the craftsmen’s hands will be presented. The musical program of the festival will be more than full: on the stage, there is going to be a live performances of the best musical groups and pop singers.

In the evening, on the main square of the city, incendiary music hits will whirl you in a dance rhythm- in time with the sound of cognac glasses.

At the end of the festival day there is going to take place a festive firework.

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